【學術報告】劍橋大學Jeffery Myers教授學術報告會
2019-06-26 15:18   航海學院 審核人:   (點擊: )

報告題目:Development of active noise cancellation(ANC) and its application in noise cancellation headphones/主動噪聲抵消(ANC)技術的進展及其在主動降噪耳機中的應用

報告人:Jeffery Myers教授




報告摘要:In this speech, basic concept and recent development of active noise cancellation (ANC) are briefly introduced. The characteristics of ANC are presented by comparing the difference between active and passive noise cancellation. Besides, the application for noise cancellation headphones as well as its use advantages are demonstrated separately. The circuitry, which located within the ear cup, creates a sound wave exactly with the same frequency and amplitude, but at 180 degrees out of phase when compared to the incoming sound wave. Based on the above technique, the facing problems of noise cancellation headphones are also introduced such as its application with hearing aid.

報告人簡介:Mr. Jeffery Myers, 1968 graduated in Cambridge Master Electronic Mechanical Engineering , ever being of sales and marketing director in Racal Electronics (hearing protection military), then Managing Director in Peltor (3M) headset military, owner of HBS electronics military headset for 25 years. Mr. Jeffery Myers has more than 40 years of headphone research and production experience.